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Tax Services

  • Providing all legal advice related to all types of taxes.

  • Solving all problems that arise between the tax authority at all levels and in all types of taxes “commercial base - Income earning tax - stamp - added value - income tax - Payroll tax- etc.”

  • Preparing all types of tax returns and preparing tax examination documents. We also help in solving tax problems that may arise during the tax examination, or within the competent authorities, or with the tax appeal committees, or while examining the dispute in the courts before the experts of the Ministry of Justice, in a way that achieves the preservation of state funds and does not It conflicts with the interest of the financier.

  • Tax planning with the aim of helping you decrease the tax burden in accordance with the provisions of the law.

  • Resolving tax evasion problems according to the company’s extensive experience in this field.

  • Procedures for registering electronic invoices (our electronic invoice services include: registration with the Egyptian Tax Authority - obtaining the electronic stamp “signature and activation” - self-registration in the electronic invoice system - coding items with the unified code for companies).

  • Submitting monthly value-added returns and reviewing them if the company submits them.

  • Submitting 4 salary forms and 41 deduction and collection forms for the quarterly tax calculation and reviewing them if the company submits them.

  • Preparing, submitting and approving annual income returns and acting as a tax advisor if submitted by another auditor.

  • Issuing and amending tax cards and value-added registration certificates.

  • Renewing it within the legal deadlines, issuing certificates of the tax position through the competent tax office, and carrying out reconciliation work on the accounts.

  • Adding branches and vehicles to tax files.

  • Assistance in calculating and examining the zakat tax due.

Tax Services
Analyzing Data

Accounting services

  • Assist in establishing the appropriate accounting system for the company and designing the documentary cycle that meets the purposes of follow-up, internal control, and accreditation authorities.

  • Assist in proposing the appropriate automated program for the company and the applied accounting system to ensure the accuracy of accounting work and obtain results quickly and with utmost accuracy.

  • Providing the company with professional meetings to work in financial management to suit the required work.

  • Assigning the preparation of the company’s financial statements if requested, in light of the appropriate auditing standard.

  • Designing the appropriate cost system for the company in line with the company’s system.

  • Providing consultations on the appropriate classification of the company’s various activities to help in the accuracy of results and outputs.

  • Conduct a physical inventory of the company’s assets and classify them to assist in the accuracy of results and outputs.

  • Providing suggestion for appropriate accounting and tax depreciations of the company’s assets.

  • Conduct a continuous inventory of merchandise and submit suggestions in accordance with Egyptian accounting standards.

  • Accounting consultations required for activities in a manner appropriate to the circumstances of each activity.

Department of Accounting

Audit services

Auditing is generally divided into two basic types necessary for businesses of all types:

1/ Internal audit   2/ External audit

They are two of the most important tools for business success, and both are complementary to each other. It is known that internal control is a system that operates within the company according to rules designed by the company’s board of directors, with the aim of:

  • Preparing and following up on a sound accounting system and a reliable documentation cycle.

  • Carrying out financial control over all aspects of work within the company.

  • Verifying the organization of what is required by international and Egyptian laws and principles and rules of accounting.

  • Preparing financial reporting systems.

  • Evaluating all types of risks, other goals and policies determined by the company’s board of directors, in light of the volume of business within the company, the organizational structure, and the extent of compliance with governance rules, With regard to the external audit, which is entrusted to one or more external auditors to carry out it and prepare the necessary reports regarding the audit of the financial statements in light of Egyptian and international auditing standards and to ensure the integrity of the financial statements in light of Egyptian and international accounting standards.

Whether the external audit is for general or private purposes, it is carried out and performed in the required manner within the framework of the following:

  • The engagement letter that specifies the agreement and the objectives of the external audit in light of the necessary rules.

  • Planning the audit process as required in light of the audit standards.

  • Preparing the professional work team to carry out the task in a way that suits the circumstances of the task.

  • Quality control in the performance of professional work.

  • Preparing the appropriate timetable for performing the audit process.

  • Preparing the appropriate report to express an opinion on the financial statements in light of the standards.

  • Informing management periodically during the implementation of the review process about deficiencies and observations.

  • Prepare a complete file for the audit process to be kept with the company.

  • Ensuring the integrity of the company’s internal control system in a way that determines and indicates the expansion of the external audit process.

  • And other work required to perform and implement the review process in light of the engagement letter concluded with the company.(With its experience, the company can carry out both tasks, whether at the level of internal or external auditing.).

Audit service
Business Meeting

Investment & company establishment

The office provides investment services and company establishment by an excellent group of specialists who carry out the following tasks:

  • Establishing all types of financial companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships, branches of foreign companies, representative offices, liaison offices, and scientific offices.

  • Consultations in the field of corporate affairs and all related laws.

  • Transforming the legal form of companies.

  • Merger, division and liquidation.

  • Registration of companies in (the commercial registry, the industrial registry, the Capital Market Authority, the Stock Exchange, commercial agents, the registry of exporters and importers, financial leasing and private sector contractors, the Egyptian Federation of Construction and Building Contractors).

  • Amending the articles of association of companies and reconciling their conditions, preparing contracts, side agreements, certificates, name instruments, bonds, general assemblies of shareholders, boards of directors, shareholder records, ownership books and assignments.

  • Obtaining the necessary licenses and approvals for projects and companies and assisting in solving their problems with governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Representing our clients in acting on their behalf in completing procedures related to the following government departments, including:

  • General Authority for Investment.

  • Commercial courts regarding registration of company contracts.

  • The commercial registry and all types of chambers of commerce.

  • The General Authority for Export and Import Control.

  • Social Security.

  • Contracting insurance.

  • Misr Clearing House (central deposit and registration).

  • Real estate registration.

Investment & company establishment
Analyzing Data

Feasibility Studies & Future Budgets

We have an integrated team specialized in:

  • Preparing economic feasibility studies.

  • Project evaluation.

  • Preparing marketing plans and analyzing markets.

  • Preparing analytical studies for the financial statements.

  • Assisting the facility’s management in making decisions, especially when it is choosing between several alternatives before financing proposed expansions or when purchasing capital assets.

  • We have a specialized team to help the client obtain the necessary loans for financing from banks and complete all procedures related to borrowing.

  • Assisting companies, whether in distress, in settlements with banks or in identifying the causes of default and developing appropriate solutions.

Feasibility studies & future budgets
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