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About us


About Us

Professional service firm with more than 35 years of experience in accounting, auditing, tax services, consulting, and establishing companies in all fields and economic activities in all their legal forms, relying on a team of experts and consultants through: (Accounting Department - Audit Department, Tax Department - Credit Department - Studies and Consultations Department). 


Our Mission

To help our clients improve their business, achieve the highest return and avoid any legal or procedural errors through auditing, accounting, tax and legal service, In addition to facilitating governmental and procedural transactions based on our practical experience and the latest international and academic standards.

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El Far Accounting

Why choose us?

We have more than 35 years  of experience in audit and accounting services among all business types.

We are trusted by more than 250  Egyptian Joint-stock company.

We developed our own method to handle all taxation related activities and overcome the diverse array of challenges you may face, based on deep understanding of Egyptian laws and regulations.

We offer highly flexible and customize services to fit your special business needs.

Our professional and experienced staff (partners, consultants and employees) offer consistent care and support to give your business extra advantage to grow and achieve highest return.

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